The farm

Quality and tradition

The animals

The farm’s animals are Ivano’s passion. Ever since he was a child his dream was to raise Chamois Coloured goats and make cheese. The dream has finally come true.
Our little goats enjoy the company of hens, rabbits and pigs, from which we also get eggs and meat respectively.

The cheese

the goats’ raw milk is turned into fresh robiola (an Italian soft-ripened cheese of the Stracchino family), spicy/flavoured robiola (with chives, oregano, chili peppers, and more), semi-aged robiola, toma (a semi-hard cheese, traditionally a specialty of the North-Western Italian regions of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta), ricotta, and tomini in oil (tiny, flat cheeses with a soft and white rind and a fresh, creamy interior; yet another regional specialty).
In order to follow the goats’ natural life cycle, we only make cheese from March to November. In the winter months, in preparation for labour, the goats stop producing milk. In our cellars, only the toma cheese is left, quietly, to age.

The meat

In winter, our multifunctional lab becomes dedicated to the preparation of pork and goat based cured meats, such as salame di carne, salame di patate (a local type of salame which contains mashed potatoes), coppa, pancetta, cotechino, mocetta, which are then almost entirely used in our restaurant.

The vegetable garden/Orchard

On our farm we also cultivate vegetables, aromatics, and fruits, all to be dispatched to the kitchen, and transformed for our restaurant tables.
In order to respect nature, we try to only use natural products against parasites, because, after all, we are what we eat.

The honey

At our farmhouse you can taste our delicious acacia honey, made by the bees who live in the woods surrounding the farmstead. In spring and summer you can see them drinking water at the stone fountain inside the farm, or find them at work on some flower.

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