Love for nature!

About us

Once upon a time lived our paternal grandparents Amelio and Ivonne, who hailed from a tiny village in Valle d’Aosta, but fell in love with this tiny plot of land here, where they lovingly farmed the land, raised cattle and made cheese. We have grown up on this farm, and then, in turn, we have also fallen in love with it.

We started doing it as a hobby, but after some time we realised that we wanted to make it into our lifework. After a few years of reasoning, planning and dreaming, we started the restoration and construction work.

It is thanks to our parents, Amelia and Gian Carlo, that today we have the family-run holiday farmhouse Ca’ D’amelio, offering 40 restaurant seats and 3 bedrooms to spend nights immersed in nature. It couldn’t have been a real farm without a barn, and so we built one for our Chamois Coloured goats.

Thanks to his passion, in our small cheese factory area our dairyman Ivano turns milk into goat robiola, fresh, semi-aged, seasoned with herbs (chives, oregano, chilli pepper, etc.), toma, tomini in oil, and ricotta. In winter he works pork and goat meat into delicious cured meats.

The vegetable garden is tended by mamma Amelia and Valeria’s hands, growing vegetables and fruits with love and dedication.
Stefania is our cook who prepares delicious, homemade dishes with seasonal, local produce.
Gian Carlo, our dad, is a real handyman, who has grown up on the farm, always helping his own parents with the farmwork (in addition to lots of other activities).

Despite the many changes to our farmstead throughout the years, there is one thing we wanted to keep the same, this little house, built by nonno Amelio himself.

Our dream has finally begun, we have lots of ideas and we can’t wait to make them all happen. Come visit us for a dinner with friends or a family lunch… thanks to you, our dream can go on…

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