Around us


Around us

Our farmhouse is located in the Calea district of Lessolo (Turin province), right on the edge of the forest, deep in the silence of nature. It’s a strategical spot to have a break for the busyness of everyday life, while also having the chance to do some outdoor sports or go for a simple walk. We are also near the beautiful Ivrea, at the foot of the Val Chiusella valley, and just 13km from the Val d’Aosta region (home to the Italian side of the Alps).
Since we are located on a hill, from the terracing you can admire the silhouettes of several landmarks of the area: the Montalto Castle, the Ivrea Castle, and, a bit further away, the Masino Castle.
Among the activities you can do around here, we suggest the “Il Sentiero delle Vote” hike, a circular path that ends directly in the square of the church of Brosso (a nearby village located about 800m above sea level), from where you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the valley, with the Serra Morenica mountains all around it. This hike is covered every year during the Calea-Brosso-Calea walking race.

Lake of Montalto

Another beautiful hike suitable for all (for mountain-bikes as well) is definitely the Montalto lakes path, which spans from the Pistono Lake to the Black Lake, then to the Rabbit Lake, watched over by the ancient Montalto castle, and ends at the Sirio Lake in Ivrea.

Other possible excursions: a hike around the famous Serra mountain (one of the longest mountains in Europe cut flat by a glacier); the vineyards trail of Carema; the psalms trail in Nomaglio; Mount Cavallaria, Mount Marzo, Mount Mombarone (with the Ivrea-Mombarone walking race in September); Scalaro deep valley, and the whole Val Chiusella Valley, with all its lakes and mountain creeks.
The lakes: Viverone, Sirio, Candia, Meugliano, Montalto.
The castles: in Ivrea, Montalto, Montestrutto, Banchette, Masino, Agliè, Mercenasco, and the fascinating Val d’Aosta castles if you want to travel a little further.

Adrenaline lovers can try paragliding! The flying field is just a 10-minute walk away from our farmhouse. From there you will be picked up by a van that will take you all the way to the top of Mount Cavallaria, from where you will take off.

Another extreme sport you can try is rock-climbing, at the (newly inaugurated) rock-climbing area on the Montalto cliffs, just 2km away from the farmhouse.

The Canavese region is also rich in tradition, history, and architecture.
Ivrea la Bella fills up with colours and smells during the Historical Carnival of Ivrea and its famous Battle of Oranges, a reenactment of a popular rebellion against a local tyrant. The Carnevale has a unique history to discover, rich of traditional symbols and spirit.

We have several other local festivals and fairs in the villages around us, such as the Cabbage Festival in Montalto, the Cipollino in Quincinetto, Ivrea’s San Savino (patron saint) festival, the Grapes Festival in Carema, the Chestnut festival in Nomaglio, the Porcino mushroom Festival in Quassolo.

These are just some of the many activities available in our region, Canavese, and, as previously mentioned, we are just next to the Val d’Aosta region, our father’s native land, which is also full of important mountains, well known sky resorts, lakes, mountain creeks, castles, and traditions.

These are just some ideas, but if you ask us we can suggest the best activity for you day by day!

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